Rabla Program - REMAT Militari
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Rabla Program

Get rid of your scrap car. Simple and efficient.

2022 RABLA Program


Do you have an old car? Do you want a newer car? We can help you. The Car Park Renewal Stimulation Program, known primarily as “Rabla”, is a government program funded by the Ministry of Environment. Our company is part of this program and can offer you the desired voucher. But there are some conditions :



  • Cancellation must be made after the start of the Rabla Program, only in the network of authorized Remat centers;
  • In order for a car to be eligible for the Scrap Program, it must be at least 8 years old;
  • The used vehicle must have been registered in Romania for at least 8 years, no later than 31.12.2012;
  • The machine must contain the essential components of the operation: engine, body, wheels, etc .;
  • MANDATORY: You must have all the original car documents.